Sunday, March 22


Everything Counts
Everything I Do
Everything I Have Is Yours
Everything In Flames!
Everything In It's Right Place
Everything Is Alright
Everything Made More Sense
Everything Should Try Again
Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Everything You Touch Becomes A Crutch
Everything's Fucked

Sunday, March 8


A while back, I posted a great video from Boards of Canada. The reclusive Boards were inspired by the soundtracks of 1970s and 1980s National Film Board of Canada nature documentaries. After looking at some clips from that era, it's easy to see the influence.

Bees (Sesame Street):

The Loon (NFBC):

Some more Boards:

And more:

These Boards of Canada videos are fan made. Dayvan Cowboy is their only official video.

Wednesday, March 4

Montgomery, TX

An empty luxury hotel next to a fake lake. To get there, drive north from George Bush Intercontinental Airport for an hour and a half past endless rows of strip malls and office parks. The landscape runs past like the background in a computer game where the programmers have recycled the same few graphics over and over: pawn shop, Taco Bell, I-Hop, furniture store, office park, Walmart, pawnshop, Taco Bell, I-Hop, furniture store, office park, Walmart, pawnshop . . . . It goes on forever. I wonder if it would look any different here if conquering aliens ordered Texans on pain of death to make the landscape as ugly as possible. I wonder if maybe this already happened and for some reason I never heard about it.

It doesn't seem any more fanciful then the alternative hypothesis: that people made the world look like this by choice.