Monday, December 24

Happy Everything to Everyone

Monday, December 10

Boomers Beware

A couple of days before Australia's election I found out that Scott Ludlam (a friend of my sisters and all-round great guy) was number one on the Greens' senate ticket in WA, giving him a 50/50 chance of becoming a senator. So the first results I checked were the WA senate returns. Not only did the initial results suggest Scott would win (yay) but I was amazed to discover that a friend of mine from university, Louise Pratt, had won a senate seat with the Labor Party. She'd been in the state senate (or whatever it's called) for a while but I guess she figured she should move up to the federal senate before she got too old (she's 35).

Anyway, I have high hopes for these two. You can tell Scott will be a good senator, what with his Myspace page listing Blade Runner and Serenity as favorite movies.

(Yes I know Australia's election was a couple of weeks ago but I've been busy ok).