Wednesday, May 30

Killer Mix

Been making some mix CDs lately - here's my killer mix (and Zach Braff can kiss my ass):

The Place Where We Dwell

The Place Where We Dwell - Gang Starr
All Alone (No One To Be With) - Slick Rick
Glue Of The World - Four Tet
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 - The Flaming Lips
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House - LCD Soundsystem
Da Funk - Daft Punk
Big Shot - Bark Psychosis
The Yellow Ones - Pinback
The Bleeding Heart Show - New Pornographers
Move Something - Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek
Hard to Explain - Strokes
French Disko - Stereolab
Hey Goodbye - Macha & Bedhead


If you're real lucky you might get a copy.

Monday, May 14


... anyone who has lost a hand to a flywheel or spindle or had a finger severed by shears, grinders or slitters knows – since the beginning of this industrial age – we have built a world where we are not on top of the food chain, a world where spinning, pinching, crushing machines are hungry for human flesh, a world where tigers and great white sharks are endangered but careening metal boxes, powered by thousands of barely controlled explosions, criss cross our cities, passing so close we feel buffeted by their turbulence and we tempt these machines continually, teasing them like teenage girls, till we grow so accustomed to the attention we lower our guard and a machine reaches out, grabs hold of us and has its savage way, leaving splintered bone and severed arteries in its wake while as bystanders we look upon the gory scene surprised and a little hurt, as if our favorite cousin just demolished a treasured family heirloom and we assure our careful selves that we would never be so foolish as to place our own bodies in harm's way ...

Friday, May 11

Soap Opera

Check this out. I love that the band was "The Germs." You wouldn't dare write it that way. Enjoy . . .

Narco Pouch, Lousy Drug Test, Great Soap Test