Sunday, September 18

Looking out My Window

I took my camera with me for today's errands. And yes, Tim, this means you didn't break my camera while you were here and I won't have to send over the hired goons . . .

Taken from my apartment Posted by Picasa

Tram on Brunswick Street Posted by Picasa

Tram on Smith Street Posted by Picasa

Brunswick Street Posted by Picasa

Tram on Gertrude Street in the fading afternoon light Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10

Bush Responds to Crisis

Bush finds a new chief for FEMA Posted by Picasa

(thanks to Liz for the photo)

I got through my first week at the Federal Court without causing any major disasters. I think my best error so far was looking through a file for the full name of the party named 'Anor'. Who was this Anor person? What kind of last name is Anor anyway? Indian maybe? I couldn't find the details I was after.

I learnt later that 'Anor' is an abbreviation for 'another' and every other file has 'Anor' or 'Ors' in the caption.