Wednesday, April 20

Scratching Problem

I have a severe scratching problem. And it’s getting worse. Seems now that I scratch on the black in about half of the games I play. Yet, scratching aside, my pool is getting better. How could that be? As my pool improves my scratching improves also.

For example, while drunk late on a Friday night at the classy T. Ruggs Tavern, I was handed the cue late in a game of doubles against two guys who had held the table for an age. Sketchy Shaun and I had four balls remaining while they had only the eight. I proceed to clear the table. Really clear the table - for my final shot I skillfully cut the eight, which was resting on the side felt, into the corner pocket and watch the white ball creep into the opposite corner. In a game a few days later I sink the black with an excellent banked shot that traveled twice the length of the table. Unfortunately, on its way to the black, the white ball kissed my opponent’s remaining ball - moving it less than a millimeter. Another glorious scratch.

I take my scratching problem as a metaphor (metonym?) for life. The more educated you get, the older you get, the more impressive and complicated your screw ups get to be.

Tuesday, April 5

Signs of Spring

It is April now and the extreme cold and incessant snow of winter has been replaced by the cold and incessant rain of early spring. At least I've surfed the last two weekends in a row (and next weekend looks promising). Although the water is still very cool (around 4 Celsius) surfing is not the heart crushingly cold experience it is in February.

Here are some photos from Good Friday. The sun was out, the snow was melting and the surf was up.

Melting snow at Rye Beach, NH Posted by Hello

Surfers at Fox Hill, NH Posted by Hello

Wetlands behind Rye Beach Posted by Hello

Rye on the Rocks Posted by Hello