Wednesday, November 29

I Meet Monty The Ball Python

So cool. Now I want one. Seriously, I'm looking into it. I'm way too busy for a dog but a Ball Python only needs to be fed a rat every few weeks.

Thursday, November 9

Praise Be

There are many reasons to be thankful.

All three kinds of Coopers are available at Shopper's Corner here in Santa Cruz for only $5.99 a six pack. That's less than half price compared to Australia. How is it that they can ship Coopers half way across the world and then sell them for less? I don't want to know. No point in looking a gift Coopers in the mouth I say. (That's my housemate Jay's homemade Halloween costume behind the beer.)

The Republicans lose big time. Especially the US's most homophobic politician, former Senator Rick Santorum who got smashed in Pennsylvania. His kid's crying because she knows Daddy will be even more upset when she tells him she's a lesbian.

Finally, and most remarkably, Rutgers Football is 9-0. When I arrived at Rutgers, it was, by universal acclaim, the worst team in college football (out of 112 division 1-A teams). Now it is undefeated and just upset third-ranked Louisville. If that isn't a sign of the impending Rapture, then I don't know what is.