Monday, January 30

Review of Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

I'd never read Palahniuk before because I had been given the impression that his books were gimmicky and shallow.

Boy was I was wrong.

Gimmicky and shallow would be high praise for this pandering and meandering garbage. The satire is so trite that it makes Glenn Beck seem like a purveyor of subtle social commentary. And the book has the most ineptly handled final third and resolution that I have ever had the misfortune to read.

About 80 pages in I was ready to cut my losses and give up but I stupidly persisted. I want to invent a time machine and so I can go back and tell myself not to read this book.

Monday, January 2

Twitterstorm! Stanford Football!

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Today's Twitterstorm after watching the Fiesta Bowl:

All posts tagged #stanfordfootball are genuine word-for-word quotes from Stanford football fans at a sports bar

There's no rivalry with Cal and UCLA, I respect those schools #stanfordfootball

We were roomates at Stanford and Oxford. That's like a Turdunken of dorkiness. #stanfordfootball

Capitalism ruins everything #stanfordfootball

This is called a drive. #stanfordfootball

It's a metonym #stanfordfootball

Now it's like the election of 1824: closer than it should be. #stanfordfootball

Their cheerleaders are all white. #stanfordfootball

I think this is all being taken out of context to make me seem like I know less about football than I do. #stanfordfootball

This is just degrading, it's called the TOSTITOS Fiesta Bowl. #stanfordfootball

If Zeno's paradox applied to football no one could get a first down. #stanfordfootball

Argh, don't put your head down, you'll get spinal compression! #stanfordfootball

That was a really bad defensive showing on that big ... what ever just happened. #stanfordfootball

Go forward! #stanfordfootball

Go around that guy! #stanfordfootball

You don't understand the ethos of Stanford do you? Excellence! Excellence! Excellence! #stanfordfootball

What a horrible way to go out! #stanfordfootball

This terrible! #stanfordfootball

When we lose, we console ourselves with having Google. And Herbert Hoover! #stanfordfootball

His hat is crooked! What's his problem? #stanfordfootball

Poor Williamson, he's going to have to go back to the campus. Though I suppose no one will recognize him anyway. #stanfordfootball

This is like Bush v. Gore all over again. #stanfordfootball

Sunday, January 1

Spreading Santorum

Best headline of the 2011:

Santorum Surges From Behind In Iowa

Yes, that's a real headline.

In case you didn't know, world class homophobe Rick Santorum has a Google problem. Whether you Google Santorum or Rick Santorum, there are some interesting links among the top results. Why does Santorum have such a bad google problem? Probably because bloggers keep linking the name Santorum to Dan Savage's site.

Good luck in Iowa Rick Santorum! Santorum2012!