Tuesday, February 16

Ten Years Later

Some of you might remember that I was arrested--together with approximately 700 other people--way back on April 15, 2000 in in Washington D.C. We were peacefully and legally protesting on the sidewalk at the time. That experience completely changed the direction of my life since, for better or worse, it led me to apply to law school. Now, after almost ten years of litigation, the case has settled.

You can find the gory details here.

It is great to be vindicated but it is a pity that the money (over $13 million in total) is coming from the hard-working DC taxpayer. Meanwhile then-Police Chief Ramsey, who ordered mass false arrests and later perjured himself about it, now heads the Philadelphia Police Department. His time may yet come, the Police Department's cover up (relating both to my 2000 case and the later 2002 Pershing Park mass false arrest) has finally began to unravel.

Follow the Washington City Paper for great coverage.