Monday, December 10

Boomers Beware

A couple of days before Australia's election I found out that Scott Ludlam (a friend of my sisters and all-round great guy) was number one on the Greens' senate ticket in WA, giving him a 50/50 chance of becoming a senator. So the first results I checked were the WA senate returns. Not only did the initial results suggest Scott would win (yay) but I was amazed to discover that a friend of mine from university, Louise Pratt, had won a senate seat with the Labor Party. She'd been in the state senate (or whatever it's called) for a while but I guess she figured she should move up to the federal senate before she got too old (she's 35).

Anyway, I have high hopes for these two. You can tell Scott will be a good senator, what with his Myspace page listing Blade Runner and Serenity as favorite movies.

(Yes I know Australia's election was a couple of weeks ago but I've been busy ok).


Anonymous Eric said...

Congratulations to your mates! This boasts of the wisdom of at least a cross-section of the Australian electorate. I wish I had nearly as much optimism about that other electorate, the one with elections approaching. But perhaps the American problem always begins with the field of candidates and their rather myopic vision. Greens in Congress -- that will be the day . . .

5:11 PM  

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