Monday, September 3


I'm 'table sitting' (did I just coin a useful phrase?) for my former housemate Jay until he and Alyse move to San Francisco in January. Jay spent all of last year hand crafting this awesome birthday gift to Alyse. I remember when he first told me it would have spikes. He must be kidding, I thought. Only when I saw him sanding out the spikes by hand was I convinced. We'd hear him sanding away up in the attic; crazy man that he is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool indeed. Why spikes though? I assume they don't have any particular purpose (other than to more effectively kill the super-villain when he falls on your table during the movie's final, climactic confrontation). He just likes spikes?

5:33 PM  
Blogger dan said...

Indeed, we frequently joked that we'd body slam any home invaders (or even rude guests) on the table. I've suggested that his next project should be a set of drawers that look normal, but, when you open a draw, you find a bunch of spikes sticking up at you.

8:47 PM  

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