Sunday, April 29

The World Series (Of The ACLU)

As I'm sure you already know - since it's been the talk of the blogosphere - the ALCU's Drug Law Reform Project crushed the Washington DC Legislative Office 23-4 in a transcontinental softball grudge match in St Louis. Others have written about the game (see Jed Miller's live blogging and the enemy's admission of defeat) so I won't give you a play by play. In the end, it was like watching Australia play cricket against, well, anybody else really. For the record, I went 4 for 4 at the plate (facing only five pitches total) for 5 RBI. Who says there are no more 400 hitters. The show awaits!

Hopefully I'll get some photos to put up here later.

Folks have reported problems with the comments so I've switched to blogger comments.


Blogger Steve Peterson said...

Oddly, the comments were sort of working there for a little bit.

But not really working -- my comment posted on your last one, but the number never incremented.

At least now I get to practice my reading-under-the-influence-of-psychedelics skills.

6:45 PM  

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