Wednesday, August 15

Welcome to Noe Valley

It's sunny. The thick fog flows up Twin Peaks to my west then, as if exhausted by the climb, it burns away as it crests the summit ridge. Meanwhile, down in the sunshine, silicon valley yuppies push their technospawn along 24th St in expensive strollers. The 24th St shops are full of expensive and useless things but Mission St with its endless rows of $1 stores is just a short hike away. I flee the yuppies and head across to the Mission to buy essentials: shower curtain, bath mat, tea towels, etc. Street finds, thrift stores and craigslist supply lamps, bookshelves, a desk and a sofa. The place starts to come together.

I'm just about finished moving in. Am waiting for a sofa bed to be delivered. When that gets here, guests are welcome. Here are some photos of the new place:


The 24th and Church Muni stop right below my deck.

Living room.

Looking west toward Twin Peaks from my deck.

Jason Molina strums by a street-found book case and lamp.

My new address is:

96 Jersey St, Apt 3
San Francisco, CA 94114

Land line: 415 875 9452
Cell (same as before): 831 325 7801


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to San Francisco Dan!


2:49 PM  
Blogger jte said...

I like the apartment. You know me--unlikely to be able to make use of your sofa bed anytime soon, but I like the notion of it being out there just in case.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Steve Peterson said...

This is like way late, but I thought it was oddly appropriate that you find tasteful lamps and book cases on the street in San Francisco, and you find couches that you have to leave on the porch for a few days to clear the rats out in New Jersey.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dan

Your place looks really nice!

I would love to come and visit you while you are in San Fransisco (although not sure how I could do that on my salary!?). I'm currently reading the last of Armistead Maupin's 'Tales of the City' series and he makes it sound like such a great place to live. Steph x

9:08 PM  

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