Sunday, July 22

Keeping a Car in San Francisco

I tried to figure out how much it was going to cost me per year to keep a car in San Francisco. I calculated $3,300,000. That seems like a lot. Definitely thought I could keep it under a million dollars. I guess it's possible I hit the multiply button somewhere in there by mistake.

I re-did my calcs and got $4670. That's probably about right. I wish I didn't "need" a car. But with surfing, visiting folks in Santa Cruz, etc, it's difficult to contemplate life without one. Unfortunately, San Francisco's otherwise excellent car share program wouldn't work for me. That plan is designed for people taking short trips around town rather than weekend trips. It's a great concept but even surf day trips (assume 7 hours and 140 miles for a Santa Cruz surf) get very expensive. Though I spose I should be grateful I won't be in New York.


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