Friday, July 13

Strawberry Hill Forever

Anticipating my upcoming move to San Francisco, I've been rediscovering all my old Red House Painters albums. It's been ten years or so since I was listening to the Painters but - for better or worse - they are back in rotation. Their songs are steeped in the atmosphere of the city's foggy neighborhoods. Every other song features a San Francisco location: Ocean Beach, Grace Cathedral, Strawberry Hill, Golden Gate Elementary. Lots of hills in those songs.

Strawberry Hill - one of my favorite Painters tracks - is especially apt, being about a kid who has moved to California.

(Any many folks already know, I'll soon be working for Keker and Van Nest in San Francisco.)

In other, strangely related, news I resourcefully ordered Vanessa's book, Strawberry Hills Forever, from the US and am loving it so far (66 pages in). The title and cover art make Vanessa Berry's name seem like a nom de plume.

Best story so far: Sometimes, You Just Feel Like Spending Two Days as a Rabbit


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