Sunday, March 8


A while back, I posted a great video from Boards of Canada. The reclusive Boards were inspired by the soundtracks of 1970s and 1980s National Film Board of Canada nature documentaries. After looking at some clips from that era, it's easy to see the influence.

Bees (Sesame Street):

The Loon (NFBC):

Some more Boards:

And more:

These Boards of Canada videos are fan made. Dayvan Cowboy is their only official video.


Blogger Arran said...

Perhaps I'm thinking in tangents as per usual... for some reason Dan the aesthetic and music of those old NFB nature documentaries and Boards of Canada videos remind me of an obscure and eerie old Canadian "creepy" called The Creeper from a similar era. The movie begins with a bunch of close friends (who also happen to be doctors) going off hiking in the bush in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Ontario. Little do they know they are not alone...

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