Monday, August 30

Pin arrow with shoulder

This came to me via the Dudleys and it's excellent. If you follow the link to the source you'll find that the satire is scarcely any more foolish than the original:

"Duck and Cover" for the 21st Century

You may have noticed (but you probably didn't) that I've linked to the Bubb's new page. I should note that a link does not mean complete endorsement. Bubb is much more of a neo-liberal (or an economic rationalist as we'd say in Australia) than I am, although I do share his hostility toward most of the US's agricultural subsidies and that seems to be the main bee in his bonnet these days.

We've had nothing but torrential rain and returning UVM undergraduates for the last few days. Burlington has become an obstacle course of deep puddles, u-haul trailers and kids in baseball caps stocking up on beer . . .


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