Sunday, July 18

Seat 7886

I have been assigned my seat for the New York bar exam.  I must take the escalators from the outdoor atrium.  I then proceed to Area III, sections 112 through 113 where I should be able to locate seat 7886.  When you picture me taking the exam, begin by picturing me hunched over my desk.  Then pan back slowly until I’m a tiny dot among thousands and thousands of candidates.  Then move to time lapse and watch everyone walk out, walk back in, walk out, walk in, walk out, walk in and then walk back out again for the four sessions of the two day exam.
My seat is in Albany’s Pepsi Arena which is a large indoor stadium.  I can barely imagine the atmosphere as thousands of us file toward our seats.  After 3 years accumulating debt in law school one in four people will fail the one exam you have to pass to become a lawyer.  I do not plan to be one of them so I am continuing to study despite being at the verge of dying from boredom.  I now believe it is possible to die from boredom.  I feel myself close.
Today I was reviewing the condensed notes (that I prepared myself) for trusts.  I came across the following sentence:
It is valid to have a trust saying “income to me and on my death in further trust for my children” so long as there is at least one beneficiary besides settlor then there is a statutory exception to the “no incorporation by reference” rule of Wills law providing a mechanism for adding testamentary assets to a trust the testator created during lifetime, or to a trust created by another person ® by statute such a "pourover" gift is valid even if the trust is subject to revocation and amendment and is later amended, but if the receptacle trust were created by another person, amendments made after testator’s death are disregarded.
If you have any idea what this means be sure to tell me.  The author of that sentence (or whatever it is) is in need of serious help. 
The exam is on the 27th and 28th of July.  No more posts till after the exam.  When it’s all over I’ll put up a photo of me looking silly as penance for my absence.


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