Tuesday, June 1

New Look and Links

As you can see, danmusic has a new look. The new look is brought to you by the letter D, the number 5 and Nicholas Carvan. The Sydney dwelling Nicholas is the author of Suburban Aliens. I have not yet read his book but I know that it is excellent because my friend Tim is on the cover.

Nicholas just finished a draft of a new novel that he claims contains dialogue like this: "I think I am going to go down the beach now, and you should come with me, and you should stay here, because you're not needed in this scene." Actually, I think he's kidding. My friend Jeremy here at the law school claims that the current draft of his novel begins with a 60 page sex scene. I think he's kidding too but he insists he's serious. I'll await publication before I believe anything Jeremy says.

I finally have a sidebar and some links. I've linked to blogs from Chris, Nicholas and Tim plus the fourelles' homepage [sadly, the fourelles are my ex-band now that I'm moving to Vermont]. I've also linked to pages about my surf trip to Alaska and the time I got hauled off to jail in Washington DC.


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