Thursday, May 20


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the bombing at Yale Law School. The Feds still haven’t solved the crime. As I said in an e-mail immediately after the bombing: “I’m not a big fan of having some playa-hater with a tendency to leave bombs in my school walking around.” Tim replied by asking “What’s a playa-hater?”

We were amazingly lucky that no-one was hurt. The bomb completely destroyed the wall between lecture room 120 and the alumni lounge. If anyone had been in either room they would have been seriously injured if not killed. The bombing took place during exams when many people (myself included) often study in the alumni lounge or take self-scheduled exams in room 120. Also, room 120’s big wooden door was blown into YLS’s main hallway so a lot of people had close calls.

The Feds interviewed every student and professor. Prof. Balkin’s blog has a very interesting post about his interview with the FBI. In the aftermath of the bombing it emerged that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had a sign in his office saying “Save America, Bomb Yale Law School”. I wonder if the FBI interviewed him!


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