Saturday, April 17


The sound was good and we played about as well as we can. And we got free drinks and $60. Excellent. There was an awkward moment when the sound guy turned out to be the guy who had kicked three of us out about a month ago. There was a definite moment of recognition on his face as the main offender (see the March 7 post below) was introduced. Later he gave us some wary looks as we got into our free drinks. We didn’t start hitting our free drinks until after our set and Rudy’s closed before we had time to get ourselves into any serious trouble. That’s probably for the best if AJ and Jen want to get shows there next year.

I discussed bass placement with Bill as we were setting up. Bill pointed to an area to the right of the drums and said “You should go there.” I asked, “Do you mean me or my amp?” Bill replied, “I mean your Dasein.” I turned to Bill and it was clear from his cheeky grin that he knew how much a comment like that would annoy me. I told him “don’t ever say that to me again!” You can’t let people with English degrees take an inch.

Sheryl’s Magnetic Aura were about twice as loud as we were and the volume sent most of our law school friends running for cover. The law school wimps missed out because SMA rocked. (And, even though I’m hassling people for running away, I have to admit that SMA made me wish I had brought earplugs.) At times SMA, like Elefant a few weeks ago, tinkered on the brink of Interpol clonedom. People accuse Interpol of being highly derivative but I’m convinced that their sound is original enough to be copied directly. Speaking of Elefant, don’t miss this hilarious interview with their impossibly conceited vocalist.


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