Saturday, April 10


Only a few more hours until the Mates of State play tonight at The Space. At one point it looked like we were in with a chance of scoring one of the support slots. Jen was doing her usual thing and hassling the local venues for shows and I mentioned that it would be awesome if we could support the Mates of State. I didn’t actually think that we would (or, to be honest, should) have any chance. Jen reported back that the guy who books The Space said we might be able to play that night. Just as I was getting my hopes up, Jen added “He even said he’d come and check out our show at Café 9 to see if we’d fit on the bill.” DOH! At that point my hopes were shattered, the last thing we needed was for this guy to actually see us play. Sure enough, the guy did come out to see us and after the show tactfully told us the Mates show was already full. At least he was nice enough to offer us a consolation show later in the month. I guess I can go tonight without being nervous about having to play in front of a large crowd, but God damn it would have been cool to play.


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