Sunday, February 29


Mel Gibson’s fetishization of the violence suffered by Christ has made over 100 million dollars in its first few days here in the US. Scary. I’m guessing that Mel is pretty glad he changed his mind and decided to add subtitles over the Aramaic. I’m thinking that the subtitleless version would have been less lucrative.

Mel has been watching his words more carefully lately, but when he was originally accused of blaming Jews for the death of Christ he simply said that the movie shows “how things really were” and that “some people may be upset by that.” And, while we can’t be blamed for everything our parents do, I can’t help noting at this point that Mel’s dad is card-carrying holocaust denier. Mel has said, “I don’t want to be dissin’ my father. He never denied the Holocaust; he just said there were fewer than 6 million.” (Of course, Mel means a lot fewer.)

Another choice Mel quote: “A monkey has a better chance of typing the Gettysburg Address than Jesus has of not being the messiah.” I’m having trouble agreeing with Mel on that one. You know, if it’s really so obvious then there are about four and a half billion really stupid people on this planet. (Of course, now that I think about that last statement I’m not sure I’ve scored a big point against Mel).

Anyway, I have a slightly different take from Mel on the responsibility of the Jews for the death of Christ. I say “sure the Jews killed Christ, but what have they done for me lately!” I don’t care how cool deicide is; you can’t rest on your laurels for 2000 years you know.

In other news:

Ray claims that it was he and not Brad who called the Republicans Yale Law School’s most persecuted minority. When he told me this I felt terrible. My faulty memory had led to the creation of a false historical record. My faith in the internet as a reliable source of information has been shaken. On second thought, however, I think that since I went to the trouble of putting in a comment option I shouldn’t have to fix mistakes like these. This blog has a built-in right of reply. So, until I read otherwise, it was Brad who called the Republicans oppressed.


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