Friday, February 13


This is the first of what will hopefully be many posts about my band, The Fourelles. For now, here is a list of our upcoming shows:

Tuesday, February 17th: Skybar, Somerville (Boston), with Michael Hirsch and The Fifty Mission Crush (we go on at 9pm)

Thursday, March 11th: Cafe 9, New Haven, with 2 other bands (we go on at 12pm)

The Space, Hampden, with 3 other bands (we go on first) [postponed - April?]

. . .

What do we sound like? You ask. ‘Girly indi-pop’ is a pretty good answer to that question.

What are The Fourelles all about? You ask. Well, each song develops one of three themes. Our three themes are:

1. Woe is me.
2. This is all your fault
3. You’re not getting any


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