Sunday, March 28


Upcoming shows for the fourelles:

Friday, April 2nd: Palimpsest Magazine Launch, Hall of Graduate Studies Common Room (we'll play a 4 song set at about 5.45pm)

Thursday, April 15th: RUDY'S!!! supporting Sheryl's Magnetic Aura (we go on at 10pm)

Friday, April 23rd: The Space (Hamden) (only AJ and Jen will play as Bill will be in Dallas for some reason)

Thursday, May 20th: The Space [tentatively booked]

We are very excited about our triumphant return to Rudy's. As we play at ten we have to make a concerted effort to ensure we don't get kicked out for excessive drunkenness at 9.30pm like we did last time we were there.

An MP3 of one of our songs is available here. We are listed under a misspelling of our old name (which was The Maritime).


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