Saturday, March 13


We played Café 9 on Thursday night at 12pm.

Our arrival lead to a Pythonesque scene. After dutifully waiting in the queue Jen and Bill encountered some trouble from the guy at the door. The dialogue went something like this:

Jen and Bill: We’re in one of the bands.

Door Guy: It’s four dollars.

Jen and Bill: Yeah, we’re in The Fourelles.

Door Guy: The band’s gotta get paid, it’s four dollars.

Jen and Bill: Indeed, we agree, we are that band.

Door guy: Four dollars please.

Jen and Bill: But we’re in the band.

Door guy: The band’s gotta get paid.

Jen and Bill: Yes good sir, we heartily agree, in fact we are the very band that is hoping to be paid.

Door Guy: It’s four dollars.

Jen and Bill: DUDE! We’re playing! Here! Tonight! At twelve! We are the band!

Door guy: Are you one of tonight’s bands?

Jen and Bill: YES!

Door guy: Well, get out of the way, I’m trying to make you money.

Later Bill provided good evidence of why we needed to be paid. The owner gave each of us two drink tokens. Bill and I proceeded to order a couple of beers. When the beers arrived we were told that our tokens were only good for ‘domestic’ beers. Bill didn’t have a cent on him so he was left looking around for someone to pay for his beer. Very Rock and Roll there Bill, you’re a true drummer after all.

I liked Café 9, even if the stage was so small I had to hide behind AJ. I hope we play there again before Bill and I move away.

Other news: In my continuing mission to be behind the curve I’ve just discovered The Shins. Who knew pop music could be so good?


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