Saturday, May 8


Open bar two nights in a row has taken its toll and I don’t feel like studying intellectual property. I’ve been wondering why the school has been spending so much to entertain us for the last few days. The cynic in me thinks its part of the school’s long term fundraising strategy.

There were a lot of digital cameras around last night. I’m dreading the inevitable embarrassing photos of me (and accompanying snide remarks) that are going to arrive in my in-box over the next few days. I’m particularly dreading a photo that was taken while Smells Like Teen Spirit was playing. It seemed funny at the time.

. . . .

Brad and Ray have convinced me to join them on a trip to Outback Steakhouse. Menu options include the “Too Right French Onion Soup”, the “Walkabout Soup of the Day” and the “Bloomin’ Onion”. Trust Americans to take another culture and make it better! I’m practicing my thickest Australian accent for ordering.

Program language Inventor or Serial Killer? I scored 7 out of 10. [I'm not sure why, but the Tron costume page reminded Malcolm of this great quiz.]


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