Friday, April 23


The fourelles website is up (just in time for graduation). Hopefully we’ll get Mp3s up there before too long.

I skipped class for surfing this morning. The waves were small but I still think it was the right decision. For about an hour I had all of Matunuk/Deep Hole to myself. Eventually one guy joined me at Deep Hole and about five surfers paddled out at Matunuk. Even bad waves on a weekday in 40F/5C water can draw a small crowd these days. Madness.

Monday night saw The Ex Models, Beans and Tortoise with Bill and Malcolm (who called me a ‘scoundrel’ today – just because I stole his hat). The Ex Models were not a good band for 9.30pm on a Monday night. Maybe they would work trashed late on a Friday. Beans (whose sole companion on stage was a stool with a Discman on it) won over a crowd that was there not only to see another band but another genre of music. I was impressed. Tortoise were better than I had expected (someone - was it Stewart Saunders? – told me they weren’t very good live). They opened with my two favorite songs from Standards and played Djed as an encore. They closed with something fantastic that I didn’t know (from the new, poorly received, album?) – it had a kind of Glass Museum feel but with more energy.


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