Tuesday, May 18


Ok, so my studies have finally come to an end. At 3.30pm today I handed in my employment discrimination exam and now it’s all over. 11 years of full time tertiary study are behind me and a life of 9 to 5 mediocrity is ahead of me.

I’ve been drinking Miller High Life (“The Champaign of Beers”) at Anchor and Budwieser (“The King of Beers”) at Sullivan’s to celebrate, so this post should be judged accordingly.

Anyways, I wanted to post some quotes and facts about Yale Law School. I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of all of these stories but I stand behind them:

(1) Last year Carol Rose informed her intellectual property class that she wouldn’t include copyright on the exam because she had given them a short paper on copyright. A student responded, without irony, “But I know so much about copyright, how can I show how much I know about copyright if it’s not on the exam?”

(2) Students at YLS are very competitive. This competitiveness crosses domains. For example, two YLS women were recently overheard competing for the attention of a YLS alpha male (who had recently been given a Supreme Court Clerkship or had been voted EIC of the Journal or some such thing). The conversation proceeded as follows:

Breathless co-ed number 1: I have a twenty-four inch waist!
YLS alpha male: [Bemused silence]
Breathless co-ed number 2: Well I have perfect breasts!
YLS alpha male: [Thinks “Life is good”]

Ray claimed that if he had been confronted with this awkward situation he would have said “Ok! I’m prepared to adjudicate this dispute.”

(3) According to this year’s Yale Law School Bulletin, 83 of the 658 students at YLS went to Harvard for undergrad. Would any of them be missed? (Now I’m being nasty). Just to give you a reference point, when I started here I was the only student who had been to Rutgers. Rutgers is a nearby school with over 40,000 students. Clearly, the admissions committee is obsessed with the prestige of one’s undergraduate school.

(4) Yale has a reputation for offering pie in the sky classes. Judge for yourself:

Ray’s transcript includes: (i) Honor, Esteem and the Law; (ii) Ethics in the Practice of Law; (iii) From TV to IP; (iii) Memetics [this is not even a word let alone a legitimate law school course]; (iv) Lawyering Ethics; (v) The Formation of Lawyers; (vi) The Political Economy of Information; (vii) Reading the Constitution.

Bill’s transcript included some (but not quite as many) similarly silly courses but I forget their names. I think both Bill and Ray would also have taken “On Modernity” if it hadn’t been cancelled.

(5) I was going to include the hilarious question on Bill’s final YLS exam but it’s a self scheduled exam and some people may not have taken it yet. I’ll put it up here after exam time is over when I get back from Vermont on Saturday.


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