Monday, June 21

Pleased for friend vs. Having to drink Night Flight

Brad and Ting are engaged. Congratulations Brad!

Sadly, this means that I lose yet another bet with Ray (who had wagered that they would be engaged by Christmas). Under the terms of the agreement, I must buy Ray a Colt 45 (perhaps the finest of all 40oz malt liquors) and I must drink a Night Flight (perhaps the most terrifying of all 40oz malt liquors). According to these reviews, the Night Flight “tastes like the waste water from a CNC lathe” and doesn’t “go down too smooth”. On the plus side, you can’t complain about the $1.69 suggested retail price.

At least I don’t feel as foolish as the time I bet Ray that Spiderman wouldn’t even make 100 million at the box office (hey, I saw a preview and it looked awful).


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