Tuesday, June 8

Less Amusing

AJ complains that my blog has been less amusing lately. She suggests that this is because she is less prominent in the posts. Undoubtedly, she is correct. My life in general has been less amusing lately. Band stuff ended after AJ and Jen moved to New York for the summer. Then many of my friends moved out of town after graduation.

And then bar review began. The horror, the horror. It is difficult to explain how tedious the bar course is. As an exhibit, I offer the following e-mail from Malcolm, written and sent during a BarBri essay writing workshop:

Subject: essay writing lecture

dear dan,

holy shit this sucks.


. . .

From Nicholas: Try this puzzle. I solved it in less than five minutes. Be warned, it's the kind of puzzle that could cost you hours of time if you head down the wrong road.


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