Friday, June 4

Bar Coaster Poetry

My friend Carolyn Graham-Taylor composes great poetry (and postcards) on the back of beer coasters. Like the haiku, the bar coaster form ensures brevity and focuses the slightly drunk poet’s attention on what’s important. Carolyn G-T also writes great stories and I regularly get on her case about writing a draft for the Vogel (she has only 4 years left of eligibility).

I asked Carolyn if she could send me any recent poems and if I could post some on this blog. She said yes but I’m not sure if she approached the task with the seriousness I expected. She sent me this:

little kate, your morning smile
already made my day worthwhile
but i am late, my train is due
becos of your large and sticky poo

Clearly, Carolyn is letting her life inspire her work.


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