Tuesday, July 6

A bored looking kid with red hair

As Tim pointed out, there is often nothing left to write about when you subtract the too personal and the too mundane from the rest of your life. And I am right in the middle of two months of supreme tedium as I study for the bar. I even died my hair red in a feeble attempt to amuse myself. I’ve gotten used to it after spending a few days doing a double take every time I passed a mirror (Who’s that freak with the red hair?).

Even the 4th of July was mostly memorable for a traffic jam. After a few quiet drinks we went down to the New Haven waterfront (not the most scenic place in the world) to watch the fireworks. The people-watching was superior to the humble fireworks display. In the distance we could see that all the rich suburbs along the coast had better fireworks. Even Perth’s Australia Day (ok, Invasion Day) fireworks are more impressive. After the fireworks ended we ran back to Mike’s car to beat the traffic. Unfortunately, we didn’t get there fast enough and we got wedged right into the gridlock. After about 10 minutes of not moving at all I decided to try walking home. After an eerie walk under freeway underpasses and through industrial parks I managed to get back to my apartment in just under an hour. I was curious about how long it had taken the others to drive home so I called Bill as soon as I got in. They had moved about 20 meters and were still in the parking lot. God bless America.


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