Tuesday, June 29

Guido gets in trouble

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my entertaining torts classes with Judge Guido Calabresi. Guido has been at the center of a controversy about some remarks he made to the American Constitution Society (a bunch of wishy-washy centrists) about the rise of George Bush. The New York Sun broke the story and it was soon picked up by CNN and The New York Times. Pretty soon bloggers were weighing in. I didn't think Guido's remarks were all that outrageous (especially given the disclaimers he made at the time) but they were careless (the mere mention of Bush and Hitler in the same sentence leads directly to the sensationalist headline: Judge Compares Bush With Hitler). Also, Guido's remark that the public should expel Bush from office to cleanse the democratic process was (if the remark was correctly reported) a clear violation of US judicial ethics prohibiting Judges from endorsing candidates. Anyway, Guido made a prompt and thorough apology so it should all blow over soon.

I congratulate Guido after he wins the silly hat competition at graduation. Posted by Hello


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