Monday, July 12

Misogyny and losers with bad spelling

Last night I was studying upstairs at Gourmet Heaven (the ironically named 24 hour convenience store). I had the upstairs tables to myself until a stocky and bald guy in his early 40s sat down and started a loud cell phone conversation. I was doing a reasonable job of tuning him out until I finally couldn’t shake the thread of his conversation. He was giving advice to a friend. It went something like this:

Jerk with phone (JWF): Listen man, there’s NO WAY you should be letting that bitch have the house.

Other guy (OG): Silence

JWF: No dude, if she walks out on you – if SHE walks out on YOU - then you’ve gotta fight her with everything man. You can’t let her just get away with that shit.

OG: Silence

JWF: Don’t roll over dude, you can’t let her have the house.

OG: Silence

JWF: Hey, you really don’t have to worry. Because, between you and me, you are SITTING PRETTY dude because if she does walk out you then you’ve got that on the side and you can just go live with her. So you got nothin’ to worry about. Absolutely nothin’.

OG: Silence

I was thinking yes, that’s great advice. You should punish your wife for walking out but not worry about a thing because you always have your extra-marital affair to comfort you. Moreover, this intimate advice (delivered with vehemence and without a trace of irony) was being shared with anyone within a 50 meter radius.

Later he changed topics and started to complain about how his best friend’s wife is trying to stop his friend from spending time with him. He said “I think it’s cause she’s worried about my reputation.” That struck me as quite plausible. Still, he didn’t let this woman’s interference with her husband’s associational rights upset him: “Fuck that bitch, why should I care what she thinks!” he said.

He made some references to his own wife. Apart from feeling sorry for this unfortunate woman, I couldn't help wondering how anyone could ever have married a guy like that. She must have had some understanding of his attitudes before she married this jerk, right? Would she approve of what he was saying now? Does she live in terror of this guy? Live in ignorance? Or is he an alright guy when you really get to know him?

. . .

This is hardly the most visited web page in the world but enough of you folks show up for me to keep writing. Recently my traffic has more than doubled as I’ve started getting a lot of hits from search engines. So, you ask: What are these visitors searching for? Well, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about my torts classes that included mention of a bizarre comment from the professor. And being a pretty bad speller I managed to misspell “cunnilingus” as “cunnelingus”. Now over half of the visitors to this blog are searching for “cunnelingus”. I can’t help but think that I disappoint them.

So my readership is not just losers trawling for porn but losers who can’t spell and are trawling for porn.


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