Monday, August 23

Alphabetical order

The most interesting thing about my life right now, without question, is my job. And guess what? I can't tell you anything about it. Really, I can't. Weird huh?

I can tell you about the rest of my life, however. Hmm, let's see . . . . I go riding by the lake sometimes. I go swimming in the lake sometimes. Then I go home and watch the Olympics. What else? I put my CD's in alphabetical order the other day. I really recommend doing that, so much less time is spent looking for that Calexico CD you haven't listened to in ages.

Yesterday was a fantastically cool and clear summer day and I climbed Camel's Hump:

Caution: Causes sore leg muscles. Posted by Hello

I still barely know anyone at all in Vermont and it's starting to get a little old. I have gone out a couple of times with fellow law clerks and interns but outside of work the only people I know are my friend Sam's folks.

I can't talk about work but I can link to some news articles (without endorsement or any comment on their accuracy, of course) . These should give you a flavor of the kind of cases the court deals with:

Campaign finance article

Prescription drugs from Canada article

Sentencing article


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