Monday, August 16

Am I in some kind of trouble officer?

I always feared that I'd have my mugshot taken by U.S. Marshals one day. It didn't turn out to be too bad though, they let me off with a warning.Posted by Hello

Ok, a mugshot for new law clerks and summer interns has become something of a tradition in my court. It is a souvenir of our introduction to the Marshal's facilities upstairs. When I think of U.S. Marshal's the first thing I think about is "The Fugitive" starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. Apparently, that is also the first thing real Marshals think as well because they have a big poster from the movie in their office.

I'm starting to get used to putting on a suit every morning. The only problem is that a Belle and Sebastian song starts playing in my head as I adjust my tie. If you can guess the song you'll realize why that's a little creepy.


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