Monday, February 27

Flagstaff Zombies

They come out of the ground below my building. I didn't realize that it would be so inconvenient to work on top of a large train station. But every morning wave upon wave of glassy-eyed office workers spew out of the station and trudge to work. They move as one down the footpath, like a downcast version of a cycling peloton.

It is almost impossible to walk against this flow (which I have to do every day to get to work). These people don't see. They are zombies. You think I'm kidding but they will walk straight into you like you're not there. I'll even walk on the busy street to avoid them. It's easier to dodge cars and trams.

I have resolved never to become a Flagstaff Zombie (or it's equivalent). Though I worry that it is the fate of all office workers after a few years.


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