Thursday, December 1

For The Sentencing Nerds

Here's something for those of you who share my fascination with federal sentencing. Which, in this blog's audience, is probably nobody (unless Chris H still reads this blog, you out there Chris?)

Anyway, since Judge Alito was nominated for the Supreme Court everyone is poring over his paper trail. One document that has got some attention is a transcript of a March 9, 2004, panel discussion of federal sentencing after the Booker decision. My judge (William Sessions) was scheduled to be a panelist but he got 'iced in' and missed his plane. Damn those Vermont winters. The transcript is available here. NPR guru Nina Totenberg moderated. Judge Alito's comments are fairly technical, moderate and uncontroversial but the discussion is interesting (if you're a sentencing nerd).

To prove I am as much of a dork as this post suggests, I've added a photo of my judge and I.Posted by Picasa

At some point I'll get a photo of myself looking ridiculous in the robe I have to wear to court here in Australia.


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