Friday, August 19

Jan Juc Flu

I'm getting sick of errands. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be another errand-filled day as I get the keys to my new apartment and start finding things to make it livable (like a bed, forks, at least one pillow, a phone, etc, etc, etc).

My search for a car has been as difficult and frustrating as my apartment hunt was easy. I'm still carless (although I've seen a lot of expensive bombs). Today I gave in and rented a car so I could get to the coast. I've had a noisome flu/cold since I was in Sydney and I really wasn't in any state for a surf but the forecast said the waves were small so I thought I'd be able to handle it. After a light headed and feverish drive to Torquay I had an excellent surf at Jan Juc. The water was a crystal aqua blue after the slate and black of the North Atlantic (but still a chilly midwinter 12C/54F). Cold salt water will really clear out those sinuses when you're sick.

Afterwards I drove over for my first look at the famous break at Bells (anyone remember Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reaves at the end of Point Break?). It was breaking head high on the sets even though there wasn't much swell. It must be fearsome on a big swell.

. . .

Two things you don't see in America:

1. Extraordinarily graphic road safety ads. Victoria has a seat belt ad with slow motion footage of a guy going through his windscreen.

2. Syringe dispositories in the public toilet in the Federal Court building.

. . .

I visited the Federal Court and was given some reading to help me prepare. Doing this reading has felt like an exam anxiety dream - - the kind where you've worked hard and the questions seem familiar but ultimately everything is incomprehensible. I hope this isn't a bad sign.

The most notable thing I have learned is that I, like the judge, will be required to wear a robe in court. Maybe I'll start wearing it socially.

. . .


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