Thursday, June 9

Bumps, Bikes and B-grade Horror

Sorry about the lack of posts. Oi've been rool busy with work (I'm practicing my Australian accent in anticipation of my move to Melbourne - Unfortunately, I think I type it more authentically than I sound it out). I did manage to fix this blog's comments though. Did you notice they were gone for while? I hope noone was deterred from making a snarky remark.

If I had time, I would write a long post about getting my head smashed by a surfboard. I'll offer this quick piece of advice though. If a beginner on a gigantic long board drops in on you, don't nonchalantly surf around him unless you are actually good enough to do it. Long boards are heavy. If I hadn't still been in my winter suit with its thick hood, I'm sure I would have ended up in the emergency room. As it was I had a golf ball sized lump and a four day headache.

I may not have much time these days but Tim does. I recommend his birthday poem (its even better than last year's). Now, I know that some of you don't know Tim, but I really really recommend reading his stolen bike post. Sometimes blogs can be worth reading even if you don't know the author. It's true. Go and look if you don't believe me.

Alison also has a good stolen bike story. Like Tim's story, Alison's has a happy ending. Unlike Tim's story, Alison's story is true (whether Tim's story is true has been the subject of extensive debate - Tim perversely claims the story is 'true' but I think the scare quotes means it didn't actually happen) .

Also, Steve proves that there really is something for everyone these days. I hope Fast Carrier Pictures hurries up and finishes his movie so I can satisfy my demand for B-grade horror movies about college kids getting killed one by one written by my friend Steve.


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