Wednesday, January 26


For a time when I was a kid I used to say that I wanted to be a glaciologist. When you grow up in the blistering heat of Perth, cold climates seem exotic. And, although I never became a glaciologist, I don’t think I ever lost the attraction to the cold (i.e. my obsession with winter surfing in New England). Until now that is. At the age of 30, I have come to the profound realization that colder is not always better. After ten days where it hasn’t got above -8C and it has been as cold as -27C, I’m done with it. On Friday the 21st, the maximum temperature was -19C. The romance of the cold has warn off.

On the night it was -27C the condensation of my breath was as thick as smoke. Sitting in my car, there was no wind and I was able to blow perfect smoke rings with just the condensation. That was cool. Try that on a chilly Australian morning. I assure you that it is impossible. Unfortunately, the cold also froze my ignition and the car wasn’t going anywhere.


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