Tuesday, November 23

Giving Thanks

Almost four months after the bar exam, New York's Board of Law Examiners has finally released the results . . . and I have passed the goddamn bar.

Immediately after the exam I concluded that, although some of the essays had been disastrous (i.e. the one on No-Fault Insurance), I would probably be able to compensate with better multi-state scores. This proved to be correct. May I boast? Well, it's my blog . . . I got a raw score of 173 (177 scaled) on the MBE. BarBri claimed that no one has ever failed the NY bar with a MBE raw score higher than 140 so the multi-state put me in safe territory.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I will be giving thanks in New Hampshire to the God of Waves. It appears that there will be big surf on the day and smaller, cleaner surf on Friday. While not surfing I'll be hanging with Ray and his family (who have conveniently, and sensibly, moved from Cleveland to New Hampshire).

UPDATE: The high seas forecast for the North Atlantic includes a "hurricane force" warning with 34 foot seas. The New Hampshire forecast is a little more tame with a gale warning for tonight and 11 foot seas tomorrow. Hopefully, the wind will turn westerly before the sun sets and it will settle down.


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