Wednesday, October 6

The Death of a Blog

Despite protests from me and others, my Sydney-based friend Tim has discontinued his blog. I probably miss it more than everyone else because for me it was a way to feel like I was in regular touch with him. Now I'll actually have to communicate with him directly. What a hassle. To give you an idea of what we're all missing here are a couple of highlights from Tim's blog "Un":

June 20, 2004 . . . We left and walked up the street talking about what we would do if Bono materialised in our kitchen. He would be quite disoriented, and therefore you would have the upper hand. He would be wanting to make long distance calls, you would have to be careful about that. Opinions ranged, but the general feeling was that our quiet respect for the man would win out over our desire to mess with his head in any serious way . . .

June 3, 2004 . . . depraveantipodes ludwig gracklenorthbound precision lameclamshell via theretovenison rash debbiesciatica nocturnal selectmenbelt reactionary beastiediacritic footwear carrolldishevel featherbedding mohrgeopolitic barnstorm cenozoicsomerset beebe spitefulprosperous bandgap hahnmudguard sensible epithelialwalpole bethesda ashevillecarrot cayuga . . .

March 21, 2004 [the Town Hall is a pub] . . . i hate the town hall I hate the town hall i hate the town hall. once again: i hate the town hall We were waiting outside with Fiona for Ben to come and pick her up and some idiot rastafarian who must have been denied entry growled at Vanessa, 'If you have no makeup on you are UGLY.' 'Is that a wig?' Vanessa replied, in one of the coolest comebacks I've ever heard. The man had no comprehension of subtlety and proceeded to take his stupid baggy cap off and shake his dreadlocks around to show us how real they were . . .

Meanwhile, Nicholas (who designed this blog for me) decided to go on strike from his blog because he felt that TOO MANY (!?) people were reading it. He was perturbed that so many people would read his blog and not leave comments. Nicholas has since conceded that he was being a little silly. Nicholas has a friend who recently made the bizarre and ill-judged decision to move to my home town, Perth. Of course, disaster and hilarity ensued. Read about it here.


I don't think I'll be breaching chambers confidentiality by telling you this little story.

We had jury selection yesterday. This meant that the courtroom was filled with potential jurors, each one attentive to the strange new world they have been forced to enter. I get to walk in ahead of the judge and solemnly intone "All Rise." Unfortunately, the moment after I have done this I realize that the court reporter and the deputy clerk are not in the room. I had not checked to see if the court was ready. Doh! As he came through the door, the judge dryly said to me "You might want to see where they are." So, in front of a room full of confused standing people I hurry across to the door to the deputy clerk's office and practically run into a very confused court reporter as she enters the room at the same moment.


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