Monday, October 11

George Bush Announces Oppostion to Dred Scott Decision

For those of you who missed the second presidential debate: George Bush offered the Dred Scott case as an example of a bad Supreme Court decision. Well I'm glad he cleared that one up for us. As the brilliant Fafblog put it:

George Bush promises to never nominate a justice who supported the Dred Scott decision or a Secretary of Defense who supported the German invasion of Poland. John Kerry responds by calling George Bush's containment of slavery "a catastrophic failure."

For the Australians, the Dred Scott decision was from 1856 and held that Congress couldn't ban slavery in the federal territories. I don't think many people were expecting Dred Scott to be an issue in this campaign. Anyway, to ensure that this is an equal opportunity non-partisan post, here's some more Fafblog brilliance:

In his closing statement John Kerry says he has a plan to kill the terrorists, kill the terrorists, kill the terrorists with a college tuition tax credit.

Check out Fafblog on outsourcing.


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