Saturday, November 13

Turned Back by Snow and Ice

You Australians are probably getting ready for that annual assault on the nervous system otherwise known as summer. I, on the other hand, have been getting a taste of what my first Vermont winter is likely to be. Before we have even reached the middle of November, we have had snow, temperatures as low as -8C and bone chilling wind. This morning Jon E and I went for a bike ride on South Hero Island and we noticed ice forming in the bays. Within five minutes of setting out we had dug out our balaclavas to protect our faces from the freezing wind. "Fall" my ass.

Last weekend I tried to climb Mt Worcester again. I figured that Mt. Worcester wouldn't be too bad as it's not one of the higher mountains around here. I was expecting some snow at the top but the snow line actually began at the bottom of the trail. Half way up the snow was 2-4 inches deep. I would have turned back but I was able to follow someone else's boot prints up.

On the Mt. Worcester trail Posted by Hello

At the tree line the trail gets steep and rocky. The snow was also getting deeper with a layer of ice underneath clinging to the rocks. I decided that I wasn't going to get to the top and then back down (the decent is the tricky part) before dark. On the way down I met the hiker, Erica, who had made the tracks I was following (and who took these photos). She confirmed that there was no way I would have made it to the top and back by sunset.

East from Mt. Worcester Posted by Hello

Hmm, what else to blog about?

At work I have been steadily fighting the enemy. Who is the enemy? Pending motions are the enemy. After a lull, I have been slaying pending motions with abandon. Take that! motion for summary judgment and that! motion for reconsideration and that! motion to show cause.

How about some links?

Do you find yourself, every morning, wondering what to do with your day? Then try this site. It will tell you what to do.

And, in case anyone hasn't noticed, Tim has triumphantly returned to his blog Un. Yay for Tim.


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