Thursday, February 17

Goths, Jocks, Stoners and NYC Hours

Things are becoming insane at work. I'm starting to work real lawyer hours. Posts may be (even more) infrequent for a while until things calm down. I've also picked up a cold, so I sit for hours at my desk in a light-headed pseudoephedrine haze until I lose all sense of reality and I feel like I'm just dreaming that I'm doing Westlaw searches.

I'll be in NYC in mid-March for a sitting. I'll head down a couple of days early and crash on Malcolm's floor in Williamsburg. Any folks going to be around NYC on the weekend of the 12th and 13th?

Yesderday, I did a favor for my friend Sam's mum. She's a guidance counselor at a local high school and was looking for people to talk at a 'career day'. Although I've never been to a US high school before, everything felt very familiar. It's hard to know why (do the kids copy the movies or the movies copy the kids?) but I felt like I had walked straight onto the set of every teen movie or TV show I've ever seen. There were the goths, the jocks, the hippies (this is Vermont after all) and the nerds. I wasn't a big hit at first - eyes glazed over as I talked about what I'm doing now - but I had much better luck recounting the gory details of the murders I worked on in Alaska. That woke them up.

Before I left, I made sure each student had learned a valuable lesson: hide contraband in your house rather than in your school locker - they don't need a warrant for your locker.


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