Friday, July 29

Onward and Downward

On August 8, I arrive at the next island in the archipelago of my life, Melbourne. I'll be there at least a year. I don't have an address yet. I'll be house-sitting in Thornbury for a couple of weeks while I look for a place to live (and I'll be in WA from August 23 to September 3 for those who are around).

I am now officially Daniel Nazer, Attorney and Counselor at Law. Anyone have legal problems in New York State? (My late night TV ads will start soon, "Have you been injured? . . .") Of course, in typical style for me, I have been formally admitted to practice law in a country that I will be leaving in only a few days.

The admissions process was absurd. I had to drive all the way to Albany, N.Y. for a three minute interview and a 40 second swearing in ceremony. I was worried my arrest in DC might lead to a grilling but my interviewer only mentioned it to compliment me for protesting.

Next post will be from Australia . . .


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