Sunday, October 2

Better Than Delivering Pizzas

My job search for next year has received a boost with an offer from Zeldes, Needle and Cooper. They are going to hold the offer open for me so I can apply for some ACLU fellowships. I think Zeldes would be a good place for me. Hopefully, I would get to do a lot of work with their criminal practice group and particularly with Shelley Sadin who defended a death penalty case last year (the case ended with a life sentence for the client). Zeldes also has a legal ethics/professional malpractice group so I would get to represent the Lionel Hutz's of the world ("Yes, but what is truth. If you follow me."). If I go to Zeldes, I would also do ordinary civil litigation.

The downside of Zeldes is that it is in Bridgeport which is euphemistically known as a 'distressed' city. It is extremely poor and crime-ridden. I'd have to live in New Haven (with a 30-40 minute car commute) or South Norwark (with a 15 minute train commute). I'd prefer New Haven but the commute will be awful.


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