Monday, November 7

The Danmobile

My Fangin' Car Posted by Picasa

Rye Back Beach Posted by Picasa

On Sunday, Paul piked out on afternoon golf so I headed back down to the coast for another surf. It was my first visit to Melbourne's east coast and it paid off. Or at least it would have if I were a better surfer.

On the left side of the lower photo (click on the photo to enlarge) you can see some black specks. Those are surfers. I was riding the peak that you can see walling up to the right of that group. I had the peak to myself for an hour and a half even though it was Sunday afternoon (why?). I caught some fantastic waves. However, I also caught about twice as many big wipe-outs. On the largest wave I tried all day I got to my feet just as the lip was throwing thereby managing surfing's most spectacular failure: the lip launch. The lip launch was followed by a good session stuck in the impact zone.

Later, as I'm sure you want to know, I was cleaning out my sinuses by the car. I was blowing salt water out of my nose for so long it started to feel surreal. I was wondering how so much salt water could be in my head.


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