Monday, January 23

Feeling the Noise

I have been obsessing about music lately and music has been returning the love. Within a week, at three different bars, I got to enjoy, in their entirety, three of my all time five star favorite albums. Each one very different and from a different era.

First, at the Napier Hotel on Saturday night, they played Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. Then, on Thursday at the Cherry Bar (before seeing Antony and the Johnsons at the Hamer Hall) I got to hear every song of the incomparable Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen. The next night I was at the Lychee Lounge in Brisbane's West End where they spun Yo La Tengo's And then nothing turned itself inside out. Phenomenal.

Also, I had the good judgment to finally get hold of Come on Feel the Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens. Who would have thought the album of the year, if not the decade, would come from a Christian folk singer?


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